Rehab Lab: Vintage Wall Repair (Cancelled)

03/23/2019 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM CST


  • $15.00  -  Linden Hill Volunteer
  • $20.00  -  General Admission


Little Falls, MN


Welcome to Linden Hill Historic Estate, home to two stately Clarence Johnston-designed mansions on the banks of the Mississippi River. Spend a Saturday immersed in the hands-on, ongoing preservation of the historic homes. Linden Hill is managed by the non-profit Friends of Linden Hill and maintained almost entirely by volunteers.

We will repair plaster in the music room of the Musser mansion that has been damaged by water from a leak. One of the important skills of a professional is to not make a mess. We will set up, mask, and cover up to minimize our impact and so that the clean up process is easier.

We will repair the damaged wall with a catalytic plaster that sets before it dries allowing us to apply multiple coats in a short amount of time. We will top with a finish plaster that is easier to sand and is less dense so that it absorbs paint easier.

In the third floor bathroom, we will engage in the process of restoration archeology. The original wall covering has been plastered over. The plaster is cracking off. We will endeavor to expose the original wall covering by accelerating the cracking process. It is much like peeling a hard boiled egg. We might even be successful. We are guaranteed to have a good time.

Instructor Anders Christensen is a master plasterer and finishes expert. 

Workshop Goals:

  • Learn how to prepare for a plaster project with the right tools, materials, and set-up
  • Practice applying catalytic plaster to damaged wall
  • Begin uncovering original wallpaper with correct, safe techniques
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