Rehab Lab Grab Bag: Walls & Windows

06/01/2019 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM CST


  • $40.00


Minneapolis, MN


Have you purchased a home that hasn't been maintained properly for years...decades even? Windows painted shut, layers of paint covering up original trim? Jumpstart your home rehab at our newest Rehab Lab Grab Bag. 

Hosted at a 1926 home in the Lind-Bohanan neighborhood of North Minneapolis, this class covers an ambitious list of repairs. Participants will have the opportunity to work on tasks that are most relevant or interesting to their own projects at home. The current owner purchased the home in 2018 from a landlord who did the bare mimimum to take care of the house. We'll start undoing the damage by focusing on four main projects:

1) Living room walls: Learn how to apply a faux finish to disguise uneven plaster.

2) Wooden archway: You will learn two techniques for paint stripping - heat gun and Citri-strip.

3) Dining room windows: Class will re-rope two double hung windows. This involves removing stops, removing interlocking metal weatherstripping, re-roping, then reassembling the window with screws in the stops.

4) Kitchen windows: These windows have been retrofit with plastic jamb liners. The class will remove, re-glaze, clean, paint, & reinstall the sashes. 


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